Only films concerning Jewish issues realized not earlier than 2 years ago will be considered for the competition screenings. Suitable category of films: feature narrative, feature documentary, feature animation, short narrative, short documentary, short animation. Films which had previous screenings on any other Jewish Festival in Warsaw will be not accepted for Warsaw Jewish Film Festival (

The submission regular deadline is September 30th, 2016.
The Official Selection will be announced on October 10th, 2016 on festival website
THE DAVID CAMERA AWARDS will be presented during the Awarding Ceremony the last day of festival screenings. The JURY VERDICT will be announced after the Awarding Ceremony on festival website. presents CAMERA of DAVID Awards in following categories:
Best Film of Festival - Grand Prix
Best Narrative Feature / Animation feature
Best Documentary Feature
Best Narrative / Animation Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematographer
Best Music & Sound
Audience Award


- Suitable category of movies:
a) Films with the running time up to about 40 minutes: Short narrative / Short documentary/ Short animation
b) Films with the running time longer than 40 minutes: Feature narrative / Feature documentary / Feature animation

- Films must be realized not earlier than 2 years ago.
- Films which had previous screenings on any other Jewish Festival in Warsaw will be not accepted for Warsaw Jewish Film Festival(
- Films that have screened on PL network or cable television prior to the festival dates are ineligible for competition but may be considered for a special screening.
- Films must be submitted as an online screener to one of festival online box/ platform (see on
- If the dialogues are in languages other than English movie should be with English subtitles.
- To ensure a high technical quality of films submitted for the selection process of the festival, only movie files meeting the following criteria are accepted:
- minimum: full PAL or NTSC resolution
- aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9 or CinemaScope
- video and audio in one file

Recommendation: Movie file in MPEG4 / h.264 and AAC audio encoding. It is recommended to use a movie file with MPEG4 video compression in h.264 codec with a variable compression (bit rate of at least 2000 kbps) and AAC audio at 128 kbit/s. If your uploaded file corresponds to at least these criteria, it will be used without any conversion for the selection process.

If your movie is available in a different file format or on DVD, a conversion to MPEG4 / h.264 is recommended. File conversion is offered by the software "HandBrake" for example, which is free and available for all popular computer operating systems.

Other supported formats.
Additional to MPEG4 files the uploading process supports the submission of MPEG2 and Quicktime files. The submitted file is converted once prior to the screening for the selection committee to provide a standardized screening procedure. 35 mm film print.

Please note that if you are unable to provide online screener you can send us DVD NTSC/PAL format, but the DVD will be accepted only if the title was as well register on the one of our online platform (see on

- The submission fees are helping our non-profit organization to promote the selected film screenings.
- Once an entry payment has been processed we cannot provide a refund.

In one package, please send the following to mail address provided below*: - A high quality screening copy of the film in DVD and Blu-ray format, NTSC/PAL (with English subtitles if movie is in other language than English).
- DVD with HD trailer with English subtitles and 2-3 stills from movie, 2-3 stills from movie and/ or poster jpg in good quality
- 2-3 printed posters
- Screening copies and credits materials will not be returned.
- A self-addressed, stamped postcard for each submission if you wish acknowledgment of the receipt of your entry.

Please send to e-mail address following promotional materials:
- A synopsis of the film and a cover letter introducing your film and the filmmakers
- 2-3 stills from movie and/ or poster in good quality (jpg. tif. no more than 16MB)
- HD trailers stream/ online link
- English subtitles file with time code (doc, txt, pdf).

Our mailing address:

The Camera of David Foundation

YOU ARE VERY WELCOME and we would love to meet you at our festival! to meet you at our festival!