Selection 2016:

Narrative Feature:

The Beheaded Rooster, dir. by: Radu Gabrea, Austria / Germany / Hungary / Romania 2007, 98` (non-competition)
One Week And A Day, dir. by: Asaph Polonsky, Israel 2016, 98` (competition)
The Origin of Violence, dir. by: Élie Chouraqui, France, Germany 2016, 110` (competition)
The People vs. Fritz Bauer, dir. by: Lars Kraume, Germany 2015, 105` (competition)
Persona Non Grata, dir. by: Cellin Gluck, Japan 2016, 139` (competition)
Pickle Recipie, dir. by: Michael Manasseri, USA 2016, 97` (competition)
Remember, Atom Egoyan, dir. by: Canada, Germany 2015, 94` (competition)
The Tenth Man, dir. by: Daniel Burman, Argentina 2016, 80` (competition)
The Interrogation, dir. by: Erez Pery, Israel 2016, 80`(competition)
The Oath (Thkijes Khaf) , dir. by: Henryk Szaro and Zygmunt Turkow, Poland 1937, 60’ (non-competition)

Documentary Feature:

Aliyah DaDa, dir. by: Oana Giurgiu, Romania 2015, 115` (non-competition)
Bogdan's Journey, dir. by: Michal Jaskulski i Lawrence Loewinger, Poland 2016, 90` (competition)
The Chronicles of Minsk Ghetto, dir. by: Vladimir Luckij, Ukraine 2015, 50` (non-competition)
Germans and Jews, dir. by: Janina Quint, USA 2016, 76` (competition)
Goldfaden's Legacy, dir. by: Radu Gabrea, Romania 2004, 58` (non-competition)
Hitler`s People, dir. by: Peter Hartl, Germany 2016, 80` (non-competition)
Hummus The Movie! , dir. by: Oren Rosenfeld, Israel 2016, 70` (competition)
Little Angels, dir. by: Marco Niemeijer, Holland 2015, 77` (competition)
Nuremberg Trial, dir. by: Peter Hartl, Germany 2016, 50` (competition)
Surviving Skokie, dir. by: Eli Adler 7 Blair Gershkow, USA, Poland, 2015, 66` (competition)
Jews For Sale, dir. by: Radu Gabrea, Romania 2012, 74` (non-competition)

Narrative Short:

Ave Maria, dir. by: Basil Khalil, Palestine, France, Germany 2015, 15` (competition)
Curpigeon, dir. by: Dmitry Milkin, USA 2016, 10` (competition)
Hope, Michael Scherrer, dir. by: Switzerland 2016, 6` (competition)
Kapunka, dir. by: Tal Greenberg, Israel 2015, 12` (competition)
The Little Dictator, dir. by: Nurith Cohn, Israel 2015, 29` (competition)
Samira, dir. by: Dalit Kimor, Israel 2015, 40` (competition)
Setting Son, dir. by: Rachel Rosen, USA 2016, 7` (competition)

Documentary Short:

The Bus Trip, Sarah Gampel, dir. by: Sweden 2016, 14` (competition)
Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah, dir. by: Adam Benzine, Canada 2015, 40` (competition)
Eva and Moe, dir. by: Lizzie Warren, USA 2016, 8` (competition)
Munich '72 and Beyond, dir. by: Stephen Crisman, USA 2016, 29` (competition)
We the People of the Revolution, dir. by: Daniel Strehlau, USA 2016, 34` (non-competition)
The Jews of Warsaw, dir. by: Daniel Strehlau, Poland 1997, 38` (non-competition)
The Radical Jew, dir. by: Noam Osband, USA 2016, 22` (competition)
Wall, Crevice, Tear, dir. by: Tehila Raanan, Israel 2015, 10` (competition)

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