The Honorary Camera of David 2016


in appreciation of his dedication to Jewish culture
and his outstanding work as film director

Romanian film director, script writer and producer Radu Bartolomeu Gabrea has spent his entire career alternating between TV films, documentaries and real feature-length films. Born in Bucuresti on the 20th of June 1937, graduated the Institute as a civil engineer and at the Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography as a film director.

Gabrea, who has maternal Jewish origins, is the author of many docu-fictions, acclaimed by Jewish communities all over the world.

Director of fiction and documentary movies, presented to and awarded by international film festivals, with unanimous international critical acclaims, the “multi-faceted Radu Gabrea managed to acquire a unique status among filmmakers: that of an authentic European director, defying time through a constant desire to harmoniously blend relevant historical facts with entertaining fictions” (Dominique Nasta, PhD, Professor in Film Studies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles).