2011 non-competition screenings

Fiction feature films

Kinoteka, PKiN Pl. Defilad 1, Warszawa

dir. Agnieszka Holland
Germany, 1985, 98 min

A young Jewish woman, Rosa, escapes from a train that goes to a concentration camp. She is found by a farmer, Leon, in a forest. He takes her to his place and forces the girl to become his mistress.

1986 Oscar Nomination

Kinoteka, PKiN Pl. Defilad 1, Warszawa

dir. Agnieszka Holland
Germany/ France / Poland, 1990, 112 min

A film based on the extraordinary and true story of a Jewish boy who joins Hitlerjugend in order to save his life. Previously he is sent to a Soviet orphanage, where he becomes a model pioneer. During the German attack on Russia he convinces the Nazis about his Aryan decent, and urges the Nazis to take him with them.

Golden Glob 1992 the best foreign movie
Oscar Nomination 1992 the best adapted movie script
BAFTA Nomination 1993 the best no English-speaking movie
LAFCA 1991 the best music Zbigniew Preisner
BSFC 1991 the best no English-speaking movie
NYFCC 1991 - the best foreign movie