2011 Directors A - Z

Films in the competition and out of the competition:

Percy Adlon & Felix Adlon, Mahler on the couch , Germany/ Austria, 2010, 97min, feature fict

Kevin Tyler Asche, Holly Rolers, USA, 2010, 89 min, feature fict

Stephani Burger, After the silence, Jule Ott, Manal Abdallah, Germany, 2010, 82 min, feature doc

Agnes Caffin, Scheherazade and the kosher delight, France, 2011, 20 min, short fict

Joel Fendelman, David, USA, 2011, 80 min, feature fict

Alexandre Goetschmann & Guy Davidi, Interrupted Streams, Israel/Switzerland, 2010, 73 min, feature doc

Gordon Grinberg, The Tailor, USA, 2011, 6 min, short fict

Anna Gurevich, Sashenka, Israel, 2011, 9 min, short fict

Hanan Harchol, Landlord, USA, 2011, 10 min, short fict

Hanan Harchol, Repair, USA, 2011, 9 min, short fict

Steven Hatton, Heilig, UK, 2011, 17 min, short doc

Igal Hecht, Shunned, Kanada, Israel, 2011, 45 minfeature doc

Tomer Heymann, The Queen Has No Crown, Israel, 2011, 85 min, feature doc

Esther Hoffenberg, My Father , France, 2009, 15 min, short doc

Agnieszka Holland, Europe, Europe, Germany/ France/ Poland, 1990, 112 min, feature fict nc

Agnieszka Holland, Angree Harvest ,Germany, 1985, 98 min, feature fict nc

Raymond Ley, Eichmann's end: love, betrayal, death, Germany/ Israel, 2010, 90 min, feature doc

Matej Minac, Nicky's Family, Slovakia / Czech Republic / England / USA / Israel / Cambodia 2011, 96 min, feature doc

Gilles Paquet-Brenner, Sarah's Key, France, 2010, 111 min, feature fict

Noam Pinchas, I saw giraffes in india, Israel, 2010, 74 min, feature doc

Eran Riklis, The Human Resources Manager, , Israel, 2010, 103 min, feature fict

Elke Sasse, My Life - Ruth Dayan, Germany, 2011, 43 min, feature doc

Ariel Weisbrod, YA wonderful day, Israel, 2011, 24 min, short fict,

Avi Weissblei, A State Behind the Scenes, Israel, 2010, 50 min, feature doc

Fiction feature films = feature fict

Feature documentaries = feature doc

Short fiction films and animations = short fict.

Short documentaries = short doc

non competition = nc