2006 Gallery

Billboard of the Festival in Warsaw Center.

Main Festival Cinema: KINOTEKA and Cinema Iluzjon

Nov. 29th: The sixth last Festival day

The announcement of Jury decisions. Jury Chairman Grace Guggenheim, Daniel Strehlau and Bożena Toporek - Jury member.
Mr.David Peleg, Ambassador of State of Israel in PL & Daniel Strehlau

David Camera Award for Janusz Kaminski, for the best cinematography for MUNICH dir. by Steven Spielberg. Janusz Kaminski, Daniel Strehlau and Juliusz Machulski.

photo by Radoslaw Nawrocki

Israeli - Palestinian discussion after the screenings of doc. ANOTHER SIDE OF PEACE dir. by Ellen Frick and doc. OCCUPIED MINDS dir. by Jamal Dajani.
In the meeting took a part: Ellen Frick, USA; Prof. Shewach Weiss, specially arrived from Israel to Festival in Warsaw; Palestinian film director Mr. Jamal Dajani; The Representatives of Palestinian Embassy, Mr. Maget M.Sahly & Dr. Khalil Nazzal

Nov. 28th. :The fifth Festival Day.

Vietnamese Evening: Performance of NAM GROUP after the screening of The Journey of Vaan Nguyen, dir. Duki Dror, Israel.

Performance of NAM GROUP - Vietnamese fight art from Warsaw, PL.

Nov. 27th: The fourth Festival Day.

The premiere of the doc. HANUSHKA: Nurit Kedar, dir. from Israel: Nurit Kedar, Piotr Pastusiak, young actrees from HANUSHKA (Section: John Paul II and Jews).

Nov. 26th: The third Festival day.

New gust: Nurit Kedar, dir. from Israel: doc. HANUSHKA, Daniel Strehlau; Nurit Kedar, Piotr Pastusiak, Grace Guggenheim

Festival admirors:

Nov. 25th: Second Festival Day:

Ms. Elen Frik (USA) dir. of the film ONOTHER SIDE OF PEACE z Grace Guggenheim; MAria Wisniewska & Andrzej Wyrozębski with the family authors of the film THE LAST CHANCE, (Poland); Mr. Jamal Dajani, dir. OCCUPIED MIND, Palestine.


First day of the Festival. Opening with the Minute of Silence due the Tragedy in coalmine in South of Poland - National Mourning till Nov. 25th. Jury Chairman: Ms. Grace Guggenheim (USA), Mr. Jamal Dajani, Palestinian Director, Opening Ceremony

The Representatives of Palestinian Embassy, Maget M.Sahly i Dr. Khalil Nazzal; Jamal Dajani; Daniel Strehlau; Angelica Levy: Berlin, Grace Gugenheim: USA.