Palestine Israeli conflic

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 10:00

Shooting Under Fire
Pod obstrzałem
dir. Sacha Mirzoeff
Germany/Israel, 2005, 72 min, documentary

The story of a group of war photographers, who by risking their lives unveil the cruel reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the world.

Kinoteka: 27.11.06. - 18:25

dir. Adi Arbel
Israel, 2004, 50 min, documentary

It’s a distressing and intimate story about Palestinian and Israeli mothers, and the unbearable lightness of killing children. Between the years 2000-2003 785 children were killed in Israel and in the Palestinian authority territories and all of them have parents. Movie about mothers full of pain and sorrow, trying to find consolation in their other children.

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 17:50

Another Side of Peace
Inna strona pokoju
dir. Ellen Frick, Gretchen Burger
Israel, 2005, 58 min, documentary

Families from Israel and Gaza, whose members were killed, break the barrier and gather together to share their sorrows...

Kinoteka: 26.11.06 - 12:25

dir. Steven Spielberg
USA, 2005, 164 min, fiction feature film

A masterpiece by the master himself. A graphic study of a violent and gruesome crime, taking place during the ’72 summer Olympic Games in Munich, which triggered a bloody retaliation and came to be one of the darkest days in history.