Love films

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 13:15

Little Jerusalem
Ma³a Jerozolima
dir. Karine Albou
France, 2004, 90 min, fiction feature film

Intimate and absorbing history of love between beautiful Jewish girl and Arabian boy. Set in the suburban Paris neighborhood of Sarcelles, known as 'Little Jerusalem'.

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 17:00

dir. Amos Gitai
France, 1999, 110 min, fiction feature film

This third film in the trilogy about cities is set in Mea Shearim, the ultra-orthodox neighbourhood of Jerusalem. Meir and Rivka have been married for ten years but have to divorce because they have no children. Malka, Rivka's sister, is in love with Yaakov, who has chosen to live outside the community. The rabbi makes a decision: Malka will marry Yossef, his assistant. Rivka falls prey to solitude, while Malka chooses another path: rebellion.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 14:05

Some Space for Tomorrow
Miejsce na jutro
dir. Raaya Karas
Israel/Germany, 2003, 4.16 min, animation fiction short film

It is year 1942 and a young woman writes a letter to her fiancé, even though she doesn’t know where he is. A short story of love and separation.

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 19:50

What a Wonderful Place
Cudowne miejsce
dir. Eyal Halfon
Israel, 2005, 104 min

Three independent stories of three people, in which pain and love constitute the main energy of the film. The first story is about the life of Ukrainian prostitute who is searching for love.
The film won an award at a the film festival in Karlove Vary 2005 and got Israeli nominee for Oscar 2006.