Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 09:30

My Land Zion
Mój kraj Syjon
dir. Yulie Cohen Gerstel
Germany/Israel, 2005, 56 min, documentary

From Yulie Cohen Gerstel, a sixth generation Israeli and director of the controversial 2002 release MY TERRORIST comes this courageous and provocative personal essay in which Gerstel questions her own decision to return and raise her family in war-torn Israel, while challenging the myths of Zionism.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 10:15

The Darien Dilemma
Dylemat Darien
dir. Erez Laufer
Israel, 2006, 90 min, documentary

Saved from extermination, a father and son, a filmmaker, tell a shocking and unknown story of over one thousand Jews waiting at the bank of the frozen Dunai River for a ship provided by a Mossad secret agent, at the time residing at a hotel in Istanbul.