- Jerusalem
- Los Angeles
- New York
- Warsaw:

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 11:30

Frozen Angel
Zamrozony aniol
dir. Frauke Sandig, Eric Black
Germany/USA, 2005, 90 min

FROZEN ANGEL is Eric Black and Frauke Sandig's second collaboration. An Image of rich, childless married couples from Los Angeles and their decisions about future children from frozen embryos. The film shows an undoubtedly controversial theme, which is biotechnology in the XXI century.
Frozen Angel was awarded at the Sundance Film Festival

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 21:05

Brooklyn: Among the Ruins
Brooklyn wsród ruin
dir. Suzanne Wasserman
USA, 2005, 14 min, documentary

An intriguing portrayal of an sixty-year-old, born in New York, who managed to build a life-size subway cart from the ’30 in his tiny apartment. The movie describes the somewhat strange attitude of the former math teacher and truck driver to the city he lives in.

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 15:50

The Definition of Insanity
Definicja szalenstwa
dir. Robert Margolis & Frank Matter
USA/Swetzerland, 2004, 81 min, documentary

The film won several international awards. It is the story of one Jew who wants to achieve the American Dream. It is a tragicomedy about elusive dreams, love, loss and passions...

Kinoteka: 24.11.06 - 21:30

dir. Adam Vardy
USA, 2003, 93 min, fiction feature film

The film is a story of young Hassid metamorphosis as he struggles to adapt and find his place in modern secular society.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 16:10

Nina`s journey
Podró¿ Niny
dir. Lena Einhorn
Sweden/Poland, 2004, 126 min, fiction feature film

A true story of a Jewish family, who’s two survived children have become an inspiration for the movie. A moving, documentary-type realism focusing on the search for love and a normal life in the World War II times. Outstanding performance by Agnieszka Grochola, a noteworthy script and a Swedish Oscar for the movie. Agnieszka Grochola will be a guest at the Festival.