Arab - Jewish Relations

Kinoteka: 26.11.06. - 15:25

Last Jews of Bagdhad
Ostatni Żydzi Bagdadu
dir. Adriana Davis
USA, 2005, 110 min, documentary

Before World War II over thirty percent of Bagdad’s inhabitants were Jews, leading a life in Iraq for 2700 years. Today there are only twenty seven Jewish people left. The treaty that Hitler and the Iraqi leaders signed, led to the persecution of several thousands of Jews, which reached its climax under Saddam Hussein’s rule.

Kinoteka: 27.11.06. - 11:20

The Forgotten Refugees
Zapomniani Uchodzcy
dir. Ralph Avi Goldwasser, Michael Grynzpan
USA, 2005, 47 min, documentary

A story of Jews living in the Arabian Countries in the 20-th, 30-th, 40-th, 50-th. A sorrowful ending of several- thousand-year-old diasporas.