Outside of the competition 2006

Fiction feature films

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 13:35

dir. Amos Gitai
Israel/France, 1999, 110 min

This third film in the trilogy about cities is set in Mea Shearim, the ultra-orthodox neighbourhood of Jerusalem. Meir and Rivka have been married for ten years but have to divorce because they have no children. Malka, Rivka's sister, is in love with Yaakov, who has chosen to live outside the community. The rabbi makes a decision: Malka will marry Yossef, his assistant. Rivka falls prey to solitude, while Malka chooses another path: rebellion...

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 18:30 & 26.11.06. - 20:00

dir. Amos Gitai
Israel/France, 2000, 120 min

The film takes place in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War in which Egypt and Syria launched attacks in Sinai and the Golan Heights... A story told from the point of view of two Israeli soldiers, who go a long way on a single day from peacefuly walking the streets of a city to the death, destruction and both physical and psychological trauma.

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 17:00 & 25.11.06. - 18:30

dir. Amos Gitai
Italy/Israel/France, 2002, 100 min

In two weeks, the British mandate will come to an end and they will leave the country. A rusty cargo ship, the Kedma, is on its way to the Promised Land. Hundreds of Holocaust survivors from all over Europe are packed aboard. On a beach in Palestine, soldiers of the Palmach - the clandestine Jewish army - wait to welcome them, whilst British soldiers intend to stop them disembarking. Nevertheless, a small group of men and women manages to escape to the hills and finds itself in the midst of the battle for the road to Jerusalem.

Feature documentaries

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 09:00 Part I
Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 09:00 Part II

The tempel mount is mine. Part I and II
Wzgórze Swiatynne jest nasze Cz. I i Cz. II
dir. Willy Lindwer
Israel, 2003, 52 min

A two-part, absolutely absorbing story of religion, zealous fascination and violence which have been around Jerusalem for ages and will be as long as there are people willing to fight for it. A movie by the Emmy Award winner Willy Lindwer.
Ruth Diskin Film

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 11:40

60th anniversary of Kielce Pogrom
60. Rocznica Pogromu Kieleckiego
Real: Renata Chrobot
Poland, 2006, 70 min, TV documentary

This is a report from the anniversary celebrations in Kielce, shown on TV. The celebrations were connected among other things with many commemorating and cultural events, in which church officials, rabbis, ambassadors and politicians participated.

Short documentaries

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 11:40

I feel still the same fear
Jest we mnie ciagle ten strach
dir. Bożena Toporek & Beata Kolaczyk
Poland, 2006, 13 min

A story about Jews in the polish town: Myslenice.

Roman Polanski films: - outside of the competition

ILUZJON: 24.11 - 18.00

Les plus belles escroqueries du monde / Le pi? belle truffe del mondo / Sekai sagi monogatari / De wereld wil bedrogen worden
Najpiękniejsze Oszustwa swiata
co.dir.: Hiromichi Horikawa, Ugo Gregoretti, Claude Chabrol;
France/Italy/Japan/Holand 1963 108 min

ILUZJON: 24.11 - 20.00.

UK 1965 103 min

ILUZJON 25.11 - 18.00

The Fearless Vampire Killers
Nieustraszeni Zabójcy Wampirów
USA / UK 1967 108 min

ILUZJON 25.11 - 20.00

Wielka Brytania 1966 109 min

ILUZJON 26.11 - 17.30

The Tragedy of Macbeth / Macbeth
Tragedia Makbeta
UK 1971 138 min

ILUZJON 26.11 - 20.00

Rosemary's Baby
Dziecko Rosemary
USA 1968 136 min

ILUZJON 28.11 - 17.45

France/Tunesia 1986 118 min

ILUZJON 28.11 - 20.00

USA 1974 130 min

ILUZJON 29.11 - 17:45

France/USA 1988 120 min

ILUZJON 25.11 - 20.00

Le locataire
France 1976 124 min


France/UK 1979 169 min


Death and the Maiden / La jeune fille et la mort
Smierc I Dziewczyna
UK/USA/France 1994 103 min