Feature documentaries - competition 2006

Fiction feature films - competition 2006

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 15:50

The Definition of Insanity
Definicja szaleństwa
dir. Robert Margolis & Frank Matter
USA/Switzerland, 2004, 81 min

The film won several international awards. It is the story of one Jew who wants to achieve the American Dream. It is a tragicomedy about elusive dreams, love, loss and passions...

Kinoteka: 26.11.06. - 10:00

In Her Shoes
dir. Curtis Hanson
USA, 2005, 130 min

A film from the maker of LA Confidential with a great performance by Cameron Diaz. A story of two completely different sisters, who have only one thing in common: their shoe size. But only until they take on a trip to find their long lost grandmother. The trip will change everything.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 11:55

Inside Man
Plan doskonały
dir. Spike Lee
USA/UK, 2006, 120 min

A surprising and absolutely unpredictable ending of a complex and twisted plot are only some of the thrilling elemnts of this multicultural, New York-set, action movie. Directed by the legendary Spike Lee and masterfuly performed by Clive Owen, Denzel Washington and Judy Foster. Competition screening

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 13:15

Little Jerusalem Mała Jerozolima
dir. Karine Albou
France, 2004, 90 min

Intimate and absorbing history of love between beautiful Jewish girl and Arabian boy. Set in the suburban Paris neighborhood of Sarcelles, known as 'Little Jerusalem'.

Kinoteka: 24.11.06 - 21:30

dir. Adam Vardy
USA, 2003, 93 min

The film is a story of young Hassid metamorphosis as he struggles to adapt and find his place in modern secular society.

Kinoteka: 26.11.06 - 12:25

dir. Steven Spielberg
USA, 2005, 164 min

A masterpiece by the master himself. A graphic study of a violent and gruesome crime, taking place during the 1972 summer Olympic Games in Munich, which triggered a bloody retaliation and came to be one of the darkest days in history... Competition screening.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 16:10

Nina`s journey
Podróż Niny
dir. Lena Einhorn
Sweden/Poland, 2004, 126 min

A true story of a Jewish family, who’s two survived children have become an inspiration for the movie. A moving, documentary-type realism focusing on the search for love and a normal life in the World War II times. Outstanding performance by Agnieszka Grochola, a noteworthy script and a Swedish Oscar for the movie. Agnieszka Grochola will be a guest at the Festival.

Kinoteka: 27.11.06 - 22:15

Paradise Now
Teraz raj!
dir. Hany Abu-Assad
France/Germany/Holand/Israel, 2005, 90 min

An Academy Awards nomenee 2006. An interesting look from the Palestinian side on never ending conflict and tragedies of young people, who desperate and deprived of hope for better future, undertake suicide attacks.

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 19:20

What a Wonderful Place
Cudowne miejsce
dir. Eyal Halfon
Israel, 2005, 104 min

Three independent stories of three people, In chich pain and love constitute the main energy of the film. One of the story is a life of Ukrainian prostitute who searches for love. The film won on a film festival in Karlove Vary 2005 and Israeli nominee for Oscar 2006.

Kinoteka: 27.11.06 - 16:40

When Do We Eat?
Siadamy już do stolu?
dir. Salvador Litvak
USA, 2005, 90 min

Humorous shot of a Jewish family living in Los Angeles. A remarkable Michael Lerner’s part (Barton Fink).

Short fiction films: Competition 2006

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 15:00

Jewz N the Hood
dir. Joshua Stern
USA, 2005, 6 min

A short comedy film directed by Joshua Stern, describing Two rival gangs – the Orthodox Jews against the Reconstructionists – fighting on the streets of Brooklyn.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 14:05

Some Space for Tomorrow
Miejsce na jutro
dir. Raaya Karas
Israel/Germany, 2003, 4.16 min, animation

It is year 1942 and a young woman writes a letter to her fiance, even though she doesn’t know where he is.A short story of love and separation.

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 21:30

dir. Ari Mark
USA, 2006, 10 min

A metaphorian picture about Stan Liber’s life.

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 15:00

dir. Julia Kots
USA, 2005, 8 min

A short film telling a story of an Americanized Russian emigrant battles his overbearing family for the right to perform the ultimate rite.

Kinoteka: 26.11.06. - 15:25

West Bank Story
dir. Ari Sandel
USA, 2005, 20 min
short musical

A satirical metaphore of a popular musical. David, an Israeli soldier, falls in love with a beautiful, Palestinian clerk, Fatima. Can their love withstand a conflict between their families over the restaurant line of bussines in the city? Can this love story lead to a happy end?.

Feature documentaries

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 17:50

Another Side of Peace
Inna strona pokoju
dir. Ellen Frick, Gretchen Burger
Israel, 2005, 58 min

Families from Israel and Gaza, whose members were killed, break the barrier and gather together to share their sorrows...

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 13:10

Beyond Eyruv
dir. John Mounier
USA, 2006, 71 min

Beyond Eyruv explores the courage and confusion of young Orthodox people who, in search of their identities, are thrust into a fast moving and open culture that is completely foreign to them.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 10:15

The Darien Dilemma
Dylemat Darien
dir. Erez Laufer
Israel, 2006, 90 min

Saved from extermination, a father and son, a filmmaker, tell a shocking and unknown story of over one thousand Jews waiting at the bank of the frozen Dunai River for a ship provided by a Mossad secret agent, at the time residing at a hotel in Istanbul.

Kinoteka: 27.11.06. - 18:25

First Lesson in Peace
Pierwsza lelcja pokoju
dir. Yoram Honig
Israel, 2005, 56 min

First Lesson in Peace explores the Jewish-Arab conflict through the eyes of a six-year-old girl. Michal, the director's daughter, starts school at the mixed Arab-Jewish primary school "Neve Shalom - The Oasis of Peace". The film follows the clashes and encounters that Michal goes through her first year in school and her first year in the reality of the Middle East

Ruth Diskin Film

Kinoteka: 27.11.06. - 11:20

The Forgotten Refugees
Zapomniani Uchodzcy
dir. Ralph Avi Goldwasser, Michael Grynzpan
USA, 2005, 47 min

A story of Jews living in the Arabian Countries in the 20-th, 30-th, 40-th, 50-th. A sorrowful ending of several- thousand-year-old diasporas.

Kinoteka: 27.11.06. - 12:55

From Shtetl to Swing
Ze sztetl do swingu
dir. Fabienne Rousso - Lenoir
USA, 2005, 52 min

The Phenomenon of legendary American show business which was created by the Jews from the Middle East.
Archives and organ music only.

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 11:30

Forgiving Dr. Mengele
Wybaczając Dr. Mengele...?
dir. Bob Hercules, Cheri Pugh
USA, 2006, 82 min

A moral debate on forgiving and forgetting.

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 11:30

Frozen Angel
Zamrozony aniol
dir. Frauke Sandig, Eric Black
Germany/USA, 2005, 90 min

Frozen Angels is Eric Black and Frauke Sandig's second collaboration. An Image of rich, childless married couples from Los Angeles and their decisions about future children from frozen embryos. The film shows an undoubtedly controversial theme, which is biotechnology in the XXI century.
Frozen Angel was awarded on the Sundance Film Festiwal`05

Kinoteka: 27.11.06. - 20:30

dir. Nurit Kedar
Israel, 2006, 65 min

Meeting with authors, 30 min
A history of Hanna Mandelberg, a girl who a person of Karol Wojtyła helped to survive trauma of destruction and save life. Her friendship with John Paul II was provided documentary evidence in his letter a few days before his death
Ruth Diskin Film

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 21:20

The Journey of Vaan Nguyen
Podróż Vaan Nguyen
dir. Duki Dror
Israel, 2005, 84 min

The unheard story of Israel’s Vietnamese refugee community is told through the experiences of two members of the same family,separated by generations but united by a desire for “home”.

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 09:30

Keep Not Silent
Przerwac milczenie
dir. Ilil Alexander
Israel, 2004, 52 min

The film is about love of three women...
The winner of the 2004 Israelian Oscar for Best Documentary.

Kinoteka: 26.11.06. - 15:25

Last Jews of Bagdhad
Ostatni Zydzi Bagdadu
dir. Adriana Davis
USA, 2005, 110 min

Before World War II over thirty percent of Bagdad’s inhabitants were Jews, leading a life in Iraq for 2700 years.
Today there are only twenty seven Jewich people left. The treaty Hitler and the Iraqi leaders signed led to persecution of several thousand Jews, which reached it’s climax under Saddam Husain’s rule.

Kinoteka: 27.11.06. - 18:25

dir. Adi Arbel
Israel, 2004, 50 min

It’s a distressing and intimate story about Palestinian and Israeli mothers, and the unbearable lightness of killing children. Between the years 2000-2003 785 children were killed in Israel and in the Palestinian authority territories and all of them have parents. Movie about mothers full of pain and sorrow, trying to find consolation in their other children.
Ruth Diskin Film

Kinoteka: 27.11.06. - 12:55

The King's Daughter
Królewska Córka
dir. Sari Makover-Belikov, Ora Maymon-Pilewski
Israel, 2005, 58 min

For the first time in Israel, a camera candidly records the archaic, secluded, traditional world of the Hassidic Jews.
Relation from the wedding of the granddaughter of the Vishnitz Hassidic leader.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 14:05

dir. Rex Bloomstein
UK, 2005, 97 min

Shocking and moving – those words describe best the feelings that this documentary evokes, telling the story of a great influence that the former Concentration Camp Matthausen has on it’s present inhabitants.

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 09:30

My Land Zion
Mój kraj Syjon
dir. Yulie Cohen Gerstel
Germany/Israel, 2005, 56 min

From Yulie Cohen Gerstel, a sixth generation Israeli and director of the controversial 2002 release MY TERRORIST comes this courageous and provocative personal essay in which Gerstel questions her own decision to return and raise her family in war-torn Israel, while challenging the myths of Zionism.

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 17:50 - Dzień solidarno¶ci z Palestyne ogłoszony przez ONZ.

Occupied Mind
Okupowane umysly
dir. Jamal Dajani, David Michaelis
Palestine/USA, 2005, 58 min

OCCUPIED MINDS takes viewers on an emotional, intensely personal odyssey through one of the world's most volatile regions. The film follows Palestinian-American journalist Jamal Dajani and Israeli journalist David Michaelis as they travel together to Jerusalem, their mutual birthplace. Together they hope to offer unique insights into the divisive Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Meeting with palestinian director Mr. Jamal Dajani

Israeli Palestinian discussion: 40 min

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 13:10

The Priest of Majdanek
Proboszcz Majdanka
dir. Grzegorz Linkowski
Poland, 2005, 50 min

An amazing character of Greek Catholic parish priest. For helping the Jews during the World War II blessed Emilian Kowcz was murdered in Majdanek, still faithful to his ideals.

Kinoteka: 28.11.06. - 15:00

Protocols of Zion
Protokoly Medrców Syjonu
dir. Marc Levin
USA, 2005, 93 min

An unique documentary about the rise of in the USA after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Director Marc Levin an his father tramp United States in order to search historical conspiracy theory and its reasons inherent in anti-Semitism.

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 15:30

Shalom Abu Bassem
Dzien dobry Panie Abu Bassem
dir. Nissim Mossek
Israel, 2004, 73 min

Full of emotions a story about neigbourhood Palestinian man with Jews in East Jerusalem.
Ruth Diskin Film

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 10:00

Shooting Under Fire
Pod obstrzałem
dir. Sacha Mirzoeff
Germany/Israel, 2005, 72 min

The story of a group of war photographers, who by risking their lives unveil the cruel reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the world.

Short documentaries

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 21:30

180 Degrees to Jerusalem
180 stopni do Jerozolimy
dir. Robert Goodman
Izrael, 2005, 30 min

MADONNA and Jewish Cabbalistic sect, meditative movements in Israel and author’s search for a lost friend...

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 21:05

Brooklyn: Among the Ruins
Brooklyn wsród ruin
dir. Suzanne Wasserman
USA, 2005, 14 min

An intriguing portrayal of an sixty-year-old, born in New York, who managed to build a life-size subway cart from the ’30 in his tiny apartment. The movie describes the somewhat strange attitude of the former math teacher and truck driver to the city he lives in...

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 14:05

The Holocaust Tourist
dir. Jes Benstock
UK, 2005, 10 min

An experimental documentary showing the rapid growth of tourism in Poland after the screening of Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List.

Kinoteka: 27.11.06. - 11:20

I'm Tony
Jestem Tony
dir. Gili Letzter
Israel, 2005, 30 min

A story about young Israelian man who lives in Palestine and who is a member of the Jewish organization.

Kinoteka: 24.11.06. - 10:05 & 29.11.06. - 10:00

The other world
Inny Swiat
dir. Wojciech Wikarek
Poland, 2006, 16 min

A terrifying story of an KL Auschwitz prisoner and a cremation furnace worker. A film by the Kopalnia Wegla Kamiennego PIAST.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 21:05

The Last Chance
Ostatnia szansa
dir. Maria Wisnicka
Poland, 2005, 26 min

10 000 $ reward for capturing the war criminals responsible for the genocide on the Jews during the Holocaust. An interesting documentary about the Szymon Wiesenthal Center and the obstacles, often set by governments not interested in providing any help for the Center’s project, it encounters.

Kinoteka: 29.11.06. - 15:50

Phantom Limb
dir. Jay Rosenblatt
USA, 2005, 28 min

Amputees sometimes experience pain in a limb after it has been removed. Acclaimed experimental filmmaker Rosenblatt uses the phenomenon of “phantom limb syndrome” as a metaphor to explore his feelings about the death of his younger brother forty years ago.

Kinoteka: 25.11.06. - 18:30

dir. Isca Gur
Israel, 2006, 20 min

A documentary focusing on the story of the director’s father, who as a former war prisoner in the Yom Kippur conflict tries to get back to normal life and fight off the traumatic experiences, which greatly influence his entire family.

Kinoteka: 26.11.06. - 20:00

The story about Szymon Szurmiej
Rzecz w Naturze - Opowiesc o Szymonie Szurmieju
dir. Janusz Zadura
Poland, 2006, 25 min

Meeting with Szymon Szurmiej - the director of Jewish State Theater in Warsaw.

Kinoteka: 26.11.06. - 20:00

The Tribe
dir. Tiffany Schlain
USA, 2005, 18 min

The critically acclaimed history of the Barbie doll created by Jewess from Poland. Narration by Peter Coyote.