The 3rd edition of WJFF`05took place on October 25-30 in cinemas Luna& Atlantic as well as in Multikino (filmy z where additional screenings of the educational section took place for about 300 highschool students (films from The Shoah Foundation and from Auschwitz Museum - more In the link Events 2005 &Gallery 2005).

Our 3rd edition 2005 is dedicated to Mr. WOODY ALLENwhose films are shown during the festival and whose retrospective of all his films will be organized during the Festival event in March / April 2006.

Official statement about the Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band concert in Warsaw, Poland.

Apart from the competition, where we show about 80 films, documentaries and fictions from Israel, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Nederlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungry, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Luxemburg, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Senegal, Palestine Authonomy, Poland the important part of our festival program is the film section about The 60th Anniversary of Auschwitz liberation as well as the films dedicated to the memory of the dialogue between John Paul II and Jews (the films from TV VATICANA).

We had several Polish and European premieres like Fatelss (Grand Prix of the Festival`05 David's Camera ; Berlinale 2005 ) by Lajos Koltai (director in attendance: Gallery`05), Free Zone (The first award of the festival David`s Camera ; Awarded in Cannes 2005) by Amos Gitai (director in attendance: Gallery`05), THE ARYAN COUPLE (2005 Golden Palm Award of BHFF) by John Daly (2005 Jury Chairman: Gallery`05), Paper Snow ( David's Camera Award for the Best Actress: for Ms. Evgenia Dodina) by Lina and Slava Chaplin (director in attendance: Gallery`05) and others.
We shown documentaries that have not been seen bofore in Poland or even in another part of Europe. Among 47 titels i.e.: Berga: Soldiers of Another War dir. by Charlesa Guggenheim, USA 2003, 85`; or The Jews of Iran dir. by Ramin Farahani, Holland / Iran, 2005.

Our special guests: Daniela Weber from Berlinale, Gallery`05, Germany and Michael Tapuach (Gallery`05, producer of the FREE ZONE by Amos Gitai) from Israel.

Daniel Strehlau, Festival Director